Technology Advisory and Consulting Services

Andrew Breen runs Assert specializing in technology industry advisory and product development. My background ranges from product development in early stage startups to new product releases for larger organizations to investor due diligence in the tech sector. I have 20 years experience developing and growing products and services for companies of all sizes in the mobile, enterprise, e-commerce, media and education sectors. My repeated success as an entrepreneur, adviser, product manager, and business development leader is the result of a unique combination of deep technical knowledge, broad interdisciplinary skills, team leadership, and negotiation capabilities. I can work strategically and get in-depth whether conversing with a CEO/Board Member or an engineer. I am recognized for my contributions that break through obstacles, create significant consumer value, and drive incremental revenue. My nearly 15 years in mobile provide me a unique perspective and experience where I now build media and monetization solutions scaling businesses from concept to widespread adoption.

More about me or contact me at andy at assert [dot] com